Most of the images on this site are the paintings of artists born in the 19th century. Some images are from vintage children's bible story books or Sunday School teaching cards that were popular during the first half of the 20th century.

Maud T. Atkinson (1875–1954) 
"Child Jesus Talking to God" Set 6

Cicely Mary Barker (1895–1973) 
"Jesus and the Children" Set 33

Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890)
"Woman at the Well" Set 17

Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900)
"Rainy Season in the Tropics" Set 1

Harold Copping (1863–1932)
"Working on the Sabbath" Set 21      
"Sermon on the Mount" Set 39 
"Mary at the Tomb" Set 45

Tom Curr (1887–1958) 
"Follow Me" Set 52

Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900) 
"The Garden of Eden" Set 2 

Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904)
"Leaving the Oasis" Set 3

H.A. Harper (1835–1900)
Courtesy of
"Mount Hermon" Set 11 

William Stanley Haseltine (1835-1900)
"Country Road" Original Double Track Post

Heinrich Hofmann (1824–1911) 
"Christ in the Temple" Set 5 

William Brassey Hole (1846–1917)
"Woman with the Issue of Blood" About 
"The Calling of Philip and Nathaniel" Set 13
"Jesus Preaches in the Synagogue" Set 24  
"The Transfiguration of Christ" Set 28
"Jesus at the House of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus" Set 30
"One of the Ten Lepers is Grateful" Set 31  
"The Calling of Andrew and Simon" Set 38 
"Burial of Jesus" Set 44

Holman Bible (1890 - b/w illustration)
"The Good Samaritan" Set 31

George Inness (1825—1894)
"In the Berkshires" Treasure-House Chapters

William Henry Margetson (1861-1940)
"The Carpenter's Son" Set 6

Matthaeus Merian (1593-1650) 
"Ezekiel's Vision" Notes on Ezekiel

Thomas Nelson and Sons, LTD
Bible Stories for Children: A First Book (1930s) by Muriel J. Chalmers and illustrated by R.F.C. Waudby, V.M. Brock, and Jorge Ropar
"Parable of the Friend at Midnight" Set 18

Providence Lithograph Company   
Bible lesson cards—Began publishing Sunday School material in 1878 
"Temptation of Jesus" Set 12
"Jesus and Nicodemus" Set 16 
"Peter Confessing the Christ" Set 27
"Jesus Preaching and Healing" Set 29 
"Jesus as Shepherd" Set 32
"Jesus Tells Who are Blessed" Set 34 
"Jesus and Zaccheus" Set 35
"Last Supper" Set 40

Raphael (1483–1520) 
"The School of Athens" Set 10

Rembrandt (1606-1669)
"The Storm on the Sea of Galilee" Set 22

David Roberts (1796–1864) 
"The Nile" Set 8
"Sidon. Looking towards Lebanon from Jordan" Set 26
"Nazareth, general view" Images

Enrique Simonet (1866-1927)
"Flevit super illam" (He wept over it) Set 37 

George Adam Smith (1856–1942)
"General Map of Palestine" Maps and Calendars  

Standard Bible Story Readers (1920s) 
Lillie A. Faris; Illustrated by O.A. Stemler and Bess Bruce Cleaveland
"Catching 153 Fish"   Set 14 
"Raising the Widow's Son at Nain" Set 19
"Young Man Pruning the Grapevines" Set 41
"Jesus Teaching a New Commandment" Set 47 
"An Apple Tree Laden with Fruit" Set 50
"God Created the Sun" Lessons for Children 
"Garden of Flowers in the Rain" Listen to This Week's Set

James Tissot (1836–1902)
"The Exhortation to the Apostles" Set 15 
"Jesus Teaches the People by the Sea" Set 20
"The Sermon of the Beatitudes" Set 23
"Jesus Discourses with his Disciples" Set 25
"The Return of the Prodigal Son" Set 33
"The Pharisees Question Jesus" Set 36
"The Kiss of Judas" Set 43
"The Pilgrims of Emmaus on the Road" Set 46 
"The Lord's Prayer" Set 49 
"Parable of the Sower" Parables of Jesus

George Timothy Tobin (1864–1956)
"Christ in the Synagogue" Set 7 
"School in Nazareth" Set 4

J.M.W. Turner (1775–1851)
"Ancient Rome; Agrippina landing with the ashes of Germanicus" Set 9 
"Modern Rome - Campo Vaccino" Set 51 

Elsie Anna Wood (1887-1978)
"On the Shore" Set 48
"Garden of Gethsemane" Set 42

Robert Zund (1826–1909) 
"Road to Emmaus" Forty Days 


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