Set 36

February 4–10, 2019

Set 36 of the Double Track Annual Reading of The Urantia Book contains Paper 77 and the following three papers from Part IV:

Paper 173
Monday in Jerusalem

Paper 174

Tuesday Morning in the Temple

Paper 175
The Last Temple Discourse

173:0.1  Early on this Monday morning, by prearrangement, Jesus and the apostles assembled at the home of Simon in Bethany, and after a brief conference they set out for Jerusalem. The twelve were strangely silent as they journeyed on toward the temple; they had not recovered from the experience of the preceding day. They were expectant, fearful, and profoundly affected by a certain feeling of detachment growing out of the Master’s sudden change of tactics, coupled with his instruction that they were to engage in no public teaching throughout this Passover week. ... Read more
Excerpt from Paper 173: introduction, paragraph 1


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